TPoxx (Tecovirimat)

What is TPoxx?

TPoxx or tecovirimat is a medication that can help treat infections caused by pox viruses such as mpox. It can be given in a liquid injectable form but is more commonly given in pill form. It is typically taken for 14 days but your provider may suggest taking it for a shorter or longer amount of time. TPoxx is only given to people with severe infection or people who have mpox sores in sensitive areas that cause pain. Anecdotally TPoxx has been reported to accelerate healing of sores and in turn, decrease pain and other complications caused by mpox sores.

How Do I Get TPoxx?

Talk with your healthcare provider to see if you qualify for TPoxx. Health care providers must obtain TPoxx through the Strategic National Stockpile by coordinating with local or state health departments. In order to start TPoxx you must complete several forms of paperwork including a consent form, an intake form, and a diary where you keep track of your symptoms and any changes as a result of taking the medication. You will be asked about your general health, any medications you are taking, and any allergies you have.

What Are the Risks Associated with TPoxx?

A complete list of risks of taking TPoxx is not known. It has not been studied in people with weak immune systems, the elderly, or children. TPoxx capsules were tested in 359 healthy adults with 336 of these individuals taking the medication in pill-form twice a day for 14 days. No serious problems occurred in any of the participants in these studies. Regardless, TPoxx may still cause some adverse effects. Some of the most common adverse effects when taking the medication are headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and dizziness (when taken in injection form). As with any medication, there is a potential for allergic reaction. If you are chestfeeding or pregnant, please let your healthcare provider know.

What are the Costs of TPoxx?

The CDC is providing this medication for free. Other costs associated with your visit (such as provider time, testing, etc.) will not be paid for by CDC and will need to be paid by you, your insurer, Medicare, or Medicaid.

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