Board of Directors Page

Board of Directors

Tim Dean Johnson, Donna Anderson, Chip Martin-Chaffee. Chandler Daily, William Panzarella

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Welcome to the Board of Director’s Page of Restore Yourself/MPLSPox Taskforce. As I pull more information together ahead of our 1st Board Meeting.

You are on the board of Restore Yourself, Inc DBA Minneapolis Mpox Taskforce. This is the 501(3) that supports the Minneapolis Mpox Taskforce.

Minneapolis Mpox Taskforce is a community response to a public health crisis. We’re medical, social service, community health professionals, and community members volunteering our time to raise awareness about mpox in the Twin Cities.

Our Leadership
Derek Johnson-Dean
Founder/Executive Director
Public health educator. 20+ years of experience in public health including HIV, STD prevention, direct services, program coordination, and contract management
African-American Cis Gay male

Senior Advisors
Zaylor “Zee” Stout
HR Consultant, Employment Law
African-American, Gay Male

Jordan Sisto
Nonprofit Consultant
Heterosexual, White Male.

Shaina Brassard
Nonprofit consultant.
Bi Cis Woman.

Fiscal Agent: Aliveness Project 
Board of Directors
Tim Dean Johnson, Board President
Web developer. administrator.
White, cis gay male.

DonEsther Anderson
Chief Operating Officer A Mother’s Love Initiative, with over 30 years of service to the community.
African-American woman, Community Advocate

William Panzarella
20 years experience with nonprofit management. Serving as Nonprofit Consultant.
White, cis gay male. 

Dr. Edward “Chip” Martin-Chaffee
Physician, cardiac pediatrician at CentraCare Health in St. Cloud. Community liaison and medical content advisor.
Health Educator, Advocate for LGBTQI
Black, gay male.


M Health Fairview
Provides Mpox vaccination, nurses and staff to administer vaccinations.

The Aliveness Project
Fiscal Agent. MDH Mpox contract requires the Taskforce to use AP for prevention services.


City of Minneapolis Health Department
2nd chair most events, collects data including phone numbers for reminder calls

Minneapolis City of Lakes Logo

Family Partnership and A Mother’s Love Initiative

No photo description available.

Gracious hosts of most vaccination and health fairs.

Family Tree
Helped with one of our first Mpox vaccination events. Both vaccination events were well attended thanks to Chandler’s work.

African-American AIDS Taskforce
Train-the-trainer training, co-hosted-events

Minnesota Department of Health
A strong supporter, despite moving at a snails pace, of the taskforce and my efforts, Jose, our contract manager often 2nd chairs and fills in when I unable to attend.

Others include
Inver Grove Heights Community College
You, on the Board of Restore Yourself, Inc BDA Minneapolis Mpox Taskforce is 501(3) that supports the Minneapolis Mpox Taskforce.


City of Minneapolis – Emergency Mpox Response Funds – $10,000 – Executive Director’s time at MPLS based Mpox event and the administrative time spend of city of MPLS Mpox events.

Executive Director Salary $ 8,000
Aliveness Project Fiscal Agent$ 2,000

Minnesota Department of Health – January 1, 2024 – project award amount around $300,000. See budget below.

Fairview Health System & Minneapolis Mpox Taskforce – Mpox Prevention and Vaccination. What’s listed below is the MPLSpox Taskforce’s award. The full contract will be made available.

MPLSPox Subaward$ 121,197.40
Executive Director$ 86,000.001.00$ 86,000.00
Event Assistant (stipend, includes mileage, wage for time)$ 260.0039.0$ 10,140.00
Host site stipends (registration fees)$ 205.0024.0$ 4,920.00
Marketing (outreach)–social media, website-$ 2,545.002.0$ 5,090.00
Phone, computer, comms$ 240.0013.0$ 3,120.00
Liability Insurance for Mpox taskforce for 13 months$1,85
Aliveness Project -Fiscal agent fee @10% of direct costs10%109,270.00$ 10,927.00

This is the budget we’re operating from. It is what we expect will be the MDH Mpox contract final budget. The contract is still with MDH’s Legal department. Signatures will come from me, and our Fiscal Sponsor/Agent The Aliveness Project. Board members will not be required to sign as this Board has no fiduciary responsibility.

Grant Opportunities
The first Mpox education and vaccination grant was from the CDC Foundation. Unfortunately, MPLSpox Taskforce was too new of an organization to commit for these funds. Last year the City of Minneapolis awarded the Taskforce $10000 for my salary. That contact is listed below.

MDH Sole Source RFP

August 2023 the Minnesota Department of Health request a grant proposal for a “sole source” contract meaning it would be awarded to the MPLSpox Taskforce to provide Mpox Vaccinations but more importantly address other health disparities. I was told to think creatively. A proposal was submitted in September 2023, and we still await an answer on this proposal. If fully funded, the proposed budget is listed below

Mpox, Syphilis Social Media Campaign: $150. RFP to be released at anytime.

Please take a moment to read the the Sole Source Grant. It is the blueprint to Restore Yourself Program and vision.

I am not including the MDH Mpox Proposal Budget as after three amendments to the contract the proposed budget and actual budget are similar. Minus $17k reduction from the taskforce subaward.

MPLSPox Taskforce Program Budget:

The budget is designed to optimize the use of funds across various activities, ensuring maximum reach and effectiveness.

*Executive Director Salary (Fringe not included) $85,000  
*Program Coordinator (Fringe Not Included) $50,000  
Vaccination Clinics: $65,000
Screening Test Kits: $50,000.00  
Health Education Materials $25,000.00  
Public Awareness Campaigns: $50,000.00  
Training & Capacity Building: $60,000.00  
Language and ASL Interpreting service $10,000.00  
Phone service, mobile phones, hotspot $10,000.00 
Webmaster (MPLSpox, PrEP, Syphilis), $20,000.00 
Social Media & Consultant $50,000.00  
Winter Gear Closet for Vaccination Clinics $15,000.00  
Computer, monitors, keyboard $5,000.00  
Subtotal: $495,000  
**Administrative Aliveness Project $99,900
Total $594,900

*fringe to be negotiated  
**20% Administrative fee for the MPLSPox Taskforce’s Fiscal Agent The Aliveness Project. 

Full budget can be found: